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Hot Hot Action

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Welcome to Hot Hot Action 

[HotHotAction] guild recruiting all levels that wish to join, provided they talk and enjoy the game. 

Why join HHA? Join NOW and get FREE guild members and FREE guild chat.
But just wait, join NOW and we'll throw in a FREE tag over your head!
This 89.99 dollar value can be yours for FREE, if you join [HotHotAction]. Now comes with free flag thingy over your shoulder!*

Guild Requirements:
-Must be fairly active
-No level requirement
-Must be an uber cool kid or extremely good looking like Evernight

We do have a ventrilo server, which members are allowed to join in 
Details are on the guild notice, but keep in mind...

Ventrilo Requirements:
-Must be potically incorrect. (In other words: ABLE TO TAKE A JOKE.)
-Caution: Sometimes conversation tends to be a little...mature. Think 16+.
-Don't play loud music.
-Beware of Peppy. He eats small children, women, and people with heart problems. 

If you have any questions, just post here or PM in game:

[Brigade General]


[Sexiful Members]


[Honorary Cool Kids]


[How to use Ventrilo]

1. Go to username, click on the little arrow
A window pops up "setup user" then new user type in a name
Click ok
2. Go to server, click on the little arrow next to it
Click "new" then type in any name
3. Under hostname put in
[Ask for hostname]

Under port number put in
[Ask for port]

PM me in game or forum for password

Then click ok

4. It should say 
"Server is available. Press connect."
Then, obviously, press connect

[Rules of Ventrilo]

1. Kill your neighbor, he wants your gold.
2. Burn the FCC members with a group of friends, if you ever get the chance.
3. Covet thy neighbor’s wife, she’s still lookin’ young.
4. Argue with idiots.
5. Argue with RETARDS.
6. Argue with immovable objects.
7. Pray to Walby at 11:11 (AM and PM).
8. Pray to Walby at 11:11 (AM and PM).
9. Yell in church
10. Ask questions. Always.
11. Go to a cancer ward. Bring silly-string.

*Terms and conditions may apply.
*HHA is part of Hot Hot Action, a not-for-profit organization helping the academic community use digital technologies to preserve the scholarly record and to advance research and teaching in sustainable ways.

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